Online Editorial Strategy

Online editorial strategy services offered:

  • Evaluate online content management system based on business strategy and budget
  • Develop a day-to-day editorial operation for website or online network
  • Develop and propose publishing schedule, workflow and budget for all content development based on the business strategy
  • Collaborate with executives or management team to develop a long term strategy for content development and publishing initiatives
  • Initiate, negotiate and lead the development of strategic alliances and partnerships that support and expand website or online network’s content offerings and long term strategy
  • Articulate and implement the editorial voice, brand and style guidelines for use on all content
  • Help determine rights and permissions for original content and partnership collaborations
  • Develop and propose a systematic copyediting process that ensures rigorous quality standards are achieved and continually monitor the effectiveness of the process
  • Review site traffic and usage metrics to guide publishing strategies and content development to increase user engagement and impact
  • Train and mentor the editorial team and freelance writers ensuring superior content creation and editorial best practices
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